“Experts and lay people alike will be deeply enlightened by reading Social Insecurity: 401(k)s and the Retirement Crisis, an incisive and compelling account of the harm caused by the disastrous jump into 401(k) plans as a major source of Americans’ retirement income. The book is a must read for everyone concerned about the looming retirement income crisis facing the nation as well as their own ability to someday retire with financial security and independence.” NANCY J. ALTMAN, co-founder, Social Security Works!

“An absolutely necessary read! James Russell has written the book [Social Insecurity] explaining how we all got sold on the ridiculous notion of do-it-yourself retirement savings, and why it was never, ever going to work for anyone but the financial services sector. A devastating indictment that nevertheless concludes with ideas for reversing a dangerous trend we can no longer afford to ignore.” HELAINE OLEN, author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

“This is a wonderful book [Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States]: erudite and sophisticated, yet lucid and to the point.” FRANCES FOX PIVEN, president of the American Sociological Association

Escape from Texas is a fascinating and historically accurate fictional account of Texas’s independence from Mexico.” ROXANNE DUNBAR-ORTIZ, author of An Indigenous History of the United States

“No other novel [Escape from Texas] has so astutely captured the mindset of black slaves and their complicated relationships with Mexico during this era. This is an unusual piece of fiction, both for its tight historical accuracy and the scope of its imagination.” BEN VINSON III, author of Black Mexico

Escape from Texas should be required reading in Texas high schools.” PHILIP RUSSELL, author of The History of Mexico: from Pre-Conquest to Present

“Russell’s meticulously researched and highly detailed book [Class and Race Formation in North America] presents a critically important people’s history of North America.” DAN ZUBERI, author of Differences that Matter: Social Policy and the working Poor in the United States and Canada