This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1.png What do workers need to know as they assess the security of their retirement plans? What should union activists keep in mind as they push for the national and workplace reforms needed to produce greater retirement security? This nuts-and-bolts book provides a much-needed demystification of the retirement system and enables workers to take charge of their own personal futures.

Every union leader needs to read this book. In addition to demystifying the U.S. retirement system, including Social Security, pensions, and 401(k)s, Russell offers valuable practical guidance related to pension and retirement benefit bargaining for workers and labor leaders.” NARI RHEE, Director of the Retirement Security Program, University of California, Berkeley Labor Center

Russell starts with a simple maxim to this wonderfully useful book: the measure of any retirement plan should be how good it is for working people, not how profitable it is for the financial services industry. Keeping true to that maxim, he brings great knowledge and a gift for clear writing to explaining what needs to be known about Social Security, pension plans and 401(k)s to navigate our retirement futures.” KAREN W. FERGUSON, President, Pension Rights Center

A critical resource for labor activists, who are defending retirement security both at the bargaining table and in the legislative/political arena.” STEVE EARLY, former International Union Representative, Communication Workers of America. Read his full review in Labor Notes here.

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