Left-Wing Agents of Trump

Left-Wing Agents of Trump

Trump is sinking fast in the polls. He hopes to save his reelection by convincing swing voters that they need him to reestablish law and order in streets, which are supposedly filled with violent anarchists, arsonists, looters, and rioters. Don’t fall into his trap. We want our good motives to produce justice, not support for his reelection.

Helping Trump, intentionally or not, are:

The Provocateur—who wants to expose police violence, thinking that this will destabilize the system. The provocateur wants to show the true colors of the police by egging them on—by throwing things–to attack the crowd, even if the majority in the demonstration want it to stay peaceful. There’s a reason why police agents have often played this role.

The Street Fighter—who, like the provocateur, believes that destabilizing demonstrations will expose the flaws of the system and that people need to fight back against police violence. This might feel good, but it neglects the fact that this is a situation in which the police have all the advantages. The street fighter doesn’t think about public reaction or electoral consequences.

The Purist: This is the person who refuses to vote or will only vote for a third-party candidate because Biden is an undeniable Cold War corporate Democrat. The consequence will be to aid Trump’s reelection. Some purists prefer Trump: to make the struggle against “fascism” and capitalism more clear. The history of dictatorship tells us it is much better to continue our struggle after January 20 against a corporate Democrat than a proto-fascist.

Ponder these words from a longtime trainer of community organizers: “There is a distinction between those who see participation in political activity as a matter of strategy and those who see it as a form of self-expression. The current demonstrations against federal military presence are basically self-expression. They are a tactic without a strategy. On the other hand, provoking violence in these demonstrations is clearly a reelection strategy by Trump. We are seeing asymmetrical warfare. It is a trap.”

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